About Us

Today we operate mainly in calls for proposal managed directly by the European Commission for the agri-food sector, through our offices in Brussels and in collaboration with important international companies.

A history rich in by experience, passion and dedication with a team of qualified professionals located worldwide, oriented towards achieving the results.

The successes obtained by WAC, confirmed its vision which has been able to respond to new business needs with a constant update on the most interesting calls and a continuous research for an innovative communication with contemporary tools directed to the target groups of interest, developing valuable collaborations with academies, business and opinion leaders.

In parallel to the realization of international events, WAC has developed skills with extraordinary results in the context of subsidised European funding lines, to encourage the realization of projects that can really support the growth, promotion and development of its customers.

What we believe in

WAC has two strengths, confirmed in the value of the company strategy: professionalism and vision.

Both represent a professionalism that favours a proactive approach, capable of generating a solid relationship, both within the team and towards the customer, such as to mutually reinforce each other in achieving the search for innovative solutions and the exploration of different areas together.


  • it expands the areas of intervention, according to a development logic that privileges the trust between the partners towards the achievement of a common benefit
  • it updates skills and knowledge, through a process of sharing methods and procedures that enriches all those who join the network